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The very foundation of our economy is built on technologies, with fossil fuels at the center, that are changing the climate. Corporate surveillance at the cost of people’s privacy has become the new norm. Productivity growth across the globe is declining, and economists warn us of increased inequality and steep unemployment ahead. To set a new course we need to combine new business development, social responsibility, and technology. We define this new field as DEMocratizing TECHnologies or #demtech. How can technology be a force for good?

Real-World Applications

Since our event last year, the world has witnessed the death of the “Traditional” ICO, and we are seeing a rising adoption of completed products like MakerDAO, Augur, and Lightning network! Join us in Oslo, Norway on April 30th for Oslo Blockchain Day: DemTech edition  

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The blockchain conference in the Nordics

Speakers 2019

Vinay Gupta


Katie Mills

StateZero Labs

Walid Al-Saqaf

Södertörn University

Leo Sande Gasnier


Kaidi Ruusalepp


Jon Ravmi

Jon Ramvi



…And more to come! 

Previous speakers

Pamela Morgan

Educator. Entrepreneur. Attorney. Author

Larry Sanger

Co-founder Wikipedia & Everipedia

Vinay Gupta

Co-founder Mattereum

William Mougayar

Author: The Business Blockchain

Fabian Vogelsteller

Ethereum Foundation

Maria Flyvbjerg Bo

CEO Hufsy

Stefan George

Founder of Gnosis

Christoph Jentzsch

CEO Slock.it

Jon Ramvi

CEO Blockchangers

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Best-selling author and speaker

Speakers 2019

These are the first announced speakers, more will follow soon!

Leo Gasnier Sande, Brønnøysundregisteret&Altinn

Kaidi Ruusalepp, Funderbeam 

Parity Technologies and Polkadot Network


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Sustainable Growth

One of Europe's fastest growing capitals without sacrificing cropland or forest. The city has improved in almost every area: better air quality, better schools, better transport and a more active city life.

Education and Technology

Our population is among the highest educated in the world and early adopters of new technology.

Startup Friendly

Oslo has grown to become an internationally recognized startup hub. The city is full of co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators.


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29th of April with

Top experts from Polkadot, Parity, Blockchangers will gather downtown Oslo to teach, build and learn Cool Things.

Win 1-month slot office at Blockchangers! 

 The Learn & Build is for free, but it is limited capacity, so apply asap. Send us your LinkedIn and/or Github, and tell us why you want to come and what you do. About a Tweets worth of text is enough.