Andrea D’Intino

Andrea is a software developer, sales executive of 3D Printers and 3D Scanners, enterpreneur and is currently working at as technical coordinator for the European Commission’s flagship project “Decode”. Andrea will present Zenroom: a virtual machine that offers cryptographic operations on Elliptic Curves, credential-based zero-knowledge-proof authentication and execution of smart contracts in natural language.

Nikolaj Lollike

Nikolaj Lollike is a Technical Account Manager at MakerDAO, where he spearheads integration projects with external partners, who seek to base their systems on the Maker platform. Nikolaj has worked with smart contract solutions since 2015 where he co-founded the Copenhagen Ethereum Meetup and has published acclaimed research on the applications of Ethereum. Nikolaj was […]

Stein Bjørnstad

Stein has a very broad background spanning management consulting, research and political campaigning. He has officers training in the armed forces, speaks Russian, German, English, Norwegian and (some) Spanish. My Ph.D. in economics looked at innovations in the offshore oil industry (deepwater technology out of Norway). He finds this broad background helpful in assisting companies […]

Shawn Tabrizi

I was born and raised in the heart of the bay area, a breeding pool of technology and innovation. I first started programming at the age of 13, trying to learn how to hack my PlayStation Portable so that I could play free games. Through the PSP hacking community, I learned about the vast potential […]

Julie Bissinger

The emerging world is the future. By 2050, Africa’s population is projected to become 2.5 billion. Lack of trust, leadership, and community has led to costly capital that can’t sustain. Sela is eliminating traditional barriers of entry for capital into the emerging world. Sela introduces trust and transparency into transactions by tracking capital flows and […]