Stein Bjørnstad

Stein has a very broad background spanning management consulting, research and political campaigning. He has officers training in the armed forces, speaks Russian, German, English, Norwegian and (some) Spanish. My Ph.D. in economics looked at innovations in the offshore oil industry (deepwater technology out of Norway). He finds this broad background helpful in assisting companies […]

Vibeke Huynh

Vibeke Huynh is a project manager at OBOS. She has led OBOS’ blockchain venture and other projects in the range between property management and technology. She is passionate about both of these worlds and wishes to streamline and simplify the everyday workload for hundreds of employees and customers user experience, with support from today’s and […]

Leo Sande Gasnier

Leo Sande Gasnier is a senior advisor at the main Norwegian Business Registry, Brønnøysundregisteret, which among other things manages Altinn. He is passionate about people, society and technology. Over the past year, he has collaborated with several colleagues and discovered several dimensions of blockchain and its possible use in the public sector. He believes that […]