Gustav Arentoft

Gustav is responsible for MakerDAO Business Development in the European region, one of front-runners in financial blockchain services globally. “With our USD pegged stablecoin Dai we aim to transform and shape the economic landscape with the usability of a non-volatile cryptocurrency. The stability of Dai is enabled by a collateral backed protocol which allows for […]

Julie Bissinger

The emerging world is the future. By 2050, Africa’s population is projected to become 2.5 billion. Lack of trust, leadership, and community has led to costly capital that can’t sustain. Sela is eliminating traditional barriers of entry for capital into the emerging world. Sela introduces trust and transparency into transactions by tracking capital flows and […]

Ole Kristoffer Bjelland

Ole is working on the innovation program in the Norwegian Red Cross’s international programs. He helps project managers apply new methods, technologies and collaboration with business and academia.  Some of the projects he is working on are early warning systems for epidemic outbreaks, energy systems for refugee camps and digital identities in the Red Cross’s […]

Eric Wall

Eric Wall is a Stockholm-based software engineer and cryptocurrency systems analyst. He is the blockchain & cryptocurrency domain expert and strategic lead at Cinnober which is one of the largest providers of financial IT infrastructure worldwide, where he is currently building cryptocurrency exchanges. In recent years, Eric has attracted a large industry following by voicing […]

Fabian Gompf

As VP of Product, Fabian oversees Parity Technologies‘ enterprise offering. He is substantially involved in the blockchain initiatives of leading organisations across industries. In the past, his work at Parity was mostly around Parity’s Ethereum technology stack, which secures a large part of the $25+ billion public Ethereum network. Today his work is increasingly centered […]