What is Nordic Mobility?

Investing in sustainable transport is good business!

Estimates from The Norwegian Automobile association (NAF) suggest that Norway alone can save up to 42 billion NOK by being less dependent on the car and switch to more sustainable modes of transport. Ruter’s socioeconomic report suggests that for every 1 NOK invested in public/sustainable transport, society receives 4.5 NOK in return.  

The impact of sustainable mobility is not restricted only to transportation.

There have been numerous other calculations of the societal cost connected to congestion, negative environmental impact, health, hazardous air quality, as well as the positive health benefits from walking and cycling. By encouraging the public to use sustainable forms of transportation (walk, bike, public transport) society stands to save substantial amounts of money, while protecting the environment for generations to come.

Going green is a public service. So let’s reward those who contribute!

We propose a platform where you can earn money simply by walking, biking or using public transport. The platform is app agnostic, meaning NSB, Ruter, Oslo Bysykkel or NAF can use their current apps and implement the Nordic Mobility system on the backend. The result is a shared loyalty and incentivization platform where the Nordic mobility players come together to reward green and healthy behavior. This way, we can reduce the negative impact of queues, air pollution and lack of movement, for a greener, healthier society.

A pilot carried out by Ruter found that 80% of travellers shift their behaviour towards more desirable modes of transport if they are rewarded for it.

This means the platform can be used to influence people’s travelling habits during rush hours or bad weather.

Furthermore, the public transport network is well developed in and around the city centres, but less so in suburban areas. In these cases the incentives can be tuned to reward car-sharing, or by using your car only until you have access to a train/tram.

We use well established gamification methods to influence behavior, and we use blockchain technology as a base layer for the platform, allowing for interoperability, scalability and customer centricity.

Martin Knutli

Business developer, Blockchangers

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Kristoffer Hvidsteen

Kristoffer Hvidsteen is passionate about changing how you work and live with tech. He has just left his position in Accenture as the Nordic Director for Strategy and Circular Economy to start a company Prescient.

Their aim is to help scale sustainable circular solutions with biz-tech through a mix of investment and advisory.

Wilhelm Myrer

Wilhelm Myrer is the Founder & CEO of Empower (  and a tech enthusiast with a passion for Blockchain/DLT , Renewable

Cynthia Reynolds

Circular economy specialist, serial entrepreneur and technology advisor, Cynthia is passionate about how the combination of technology, innovative business models

Martin Knutli

What is Nordic Mobility? Investing in sustainable transport is good business! Estimates from The Norwegian Automobile association (NAF) suggest that