Garrick Hileman is head of research at @Blockchain and research associate at the London School of Economics

Garrick is best known for his research on monetary and distributed systems innovation, particularly cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Garrick was ranked as one of the 100 most influential economists in the UK & Ireland. He is regularly invited to speak and share his research and perspective with public sector institutions, including the CIA, US Army and Naval War Colleges, Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of International Settlements, and the Financial Stability Board, as well as media, including the BBC, CNBC, FT, WSJ, and NPR.

Notable cryptocurrency and blockchain research publications include the first “Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study” (University of Cambridge) and follow-on “Global Blockchain Benchmarking Study” (University of Cambridge). He also created and published the CoinDesk “State of Bitcoin” and “State of Blockchain” reports from 2013-2016. Garrick’s other research interests include sovereign debt, financial crises, financial repression and prudential regulation, black markets, and systemic risk. He completed his PhD in economic history at the London School of Economics under the supervision of professors Albrecht Ritschl and Niall Ferguson.

Garrick Hileman

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Garrick Hileman

Garrick Hileman is head of research at @Blockchain and research associate at the London School of Economics Garrick is best known