Robin Pedersen

Blockchain developer at Blockchangers

Check of the complete track at Oslo Blockchain Day​

Maroussia Arnault

Maroussia Arnault is one of the founders of Kidner. They have developed a matching algorithm to improve kidney transplants.  Sounds

Aleksander Larsen

Axie Infinity is a blockchain start-up which creates decentralized applications for businesses and consumers. They operate on the bleeding edge

Shawn Tabrizi

I was born and raised in the heart of the bay area, a breeding pool of technology and innovation. I

Andrea D’Intino

Andrea is a software developer, sales executive of 3D Printers and 3D Scanners, enterpreneur and is currently working at

Arne Hassel

Arne Hassel is a senior JavaScript developer working with inrupt to bring the Solid project to the mainstream. Focusing mostly

Harry Halpin

Harry Halpin is a Scientific Advisor of Nym and Chairman, a Binance-backed startup working on privacy-enhancing technologies like mixnets.  He

Jørn Haanæs

Jørn is Startup Director at Oslo Business Region, Oslo municipality. Jørn comes from the startup world, having served as CEO