Silvija Seres is a mathematician and technology investor. She has a background in algorithm research and PhD from Oxford University, development of the Alta Vista search engine, strategic management in Fast Search and Transfer, and service development in Microsoft. She is currently a board member in several major companies, including Oslo Børs and NRK, and an active investor in several technology companies.

She has worked on algorithm research in Oxford, development for the search engine Alta Vista in Palo Alto, strategic leadership in Fast Search and Transfer in Oslo and Boston, and later in Microsoft. She now works as a board member in several major companies such as the Oslo Stock Exchange and DNV-GL, and as an active investor in several startup companies. Dr. Seres has recently built one of the most popular podcast series in Norway.

Together with Linda Hesselberg they will host the event and interview speakers to their famous podcast Lørn.Tech.

Silvija Seres

Founder Lørn.TEch, Investor and advisor