Data Gumbo

[deleted] is working in Data Gumbo, a Houston-Stavanger based company founded in 2015 with an aim to digitalize energy and shipping sector with the help of blockchain.  [deleted] [deleted] believes industrial blockchain solutions have come to stay and it is time Norwegian industries begin to implement the technology.” 

Ole Kristoffer Bjelland

Ole is working on the innovation program in the Norwegian Red Cross’s international programs. He helps project managers apply new methods, technologies and collaboration with business and academia.  Some of the projects he is working on are early warning systems for epidemic outbreaks, energy systems for refugee camps and digital identities in the Red Cross’s […]

Cynthia Reynolds

Circular economy specialist, serial entrepreneur and technology advisor, Cynthia is passionate about how the combination of technology, innovative business models and the use of global networks and resources can create social, economic and environmental impact. She founded SmartUse.Global providing both the insight and technology to support a multi-stakeholder transition to the Circular Economy. As an […]

Arne Hassel

Arne Hassel is a senior JavaScript developer working with inrupt to bring the Solid project to the mainstream. Focusing mostly on front-end technologies, he’s taken the leap into the world of semantic web technologies, with old and proven – but still somewhat scary or simply unknown for developers – standards such as RDF and linked […]

Nikolaj Lollike

Nikolaj Lollike is a Technical Account Manager at MakerDAO, where he spearheads integration projects with external partners, who seek to base their systems on the Maker platform. Nikolaj has worked with smart contract solutions since 2015 where he co-founded the Copenhagen Ethereum Meetup and has published acclaimed research on the applications of Ethereum. Nikolaj was […]

Eric Wall

Eric Wall is a Stockholm-based software engineer and cryptocurrency systems analyst. He is the blockchain & cryptocurrency domain expert and strategic lead at Cinnober which is one of the largest providers of financial IT infrastructure worldwide, where he is currently building cryptocurrency exchanges. In recent years, Eric has attracted a large industry following by voicing […]

Vibeke Huynh

Vibeke Huynh is a project manager at OBOS. She has led OBOS’ blockchain venture and other projects in the range between property management and technology. She is passionate about both of these worlds and wishes to streamline and simplify the everyday workload for hundreds of employees and customers user experience, with support from today’s and […]